24 November 2021


Anandaloy Rudrapur, Bangladesh / Asia 2020 © Kurt Hoerbst Laureate of TERRAFIBRA Award 2021 Category: Local development Material(s): Cob, Bamboo, Straw and coconut fibres Project manager: […]
24 November 2021

Yoga Mibi Centre

Yoga Mibi Centre Barcelone, Spain / Europe 2019 © Elisabetta Carnevale Finalist TERRAFIBRA Award Category: Interior architecture Material(s): Rammed earth and Bamboo Project Manager: Mercé Mercadé […]
19 November 2021

Foodcourt and gardens

Foodcourt and gardens Calceta, Ecuador/ South America 2018 © JAG STUDIO Finaliste Category: Commercial buildings Material(s): Bamboo Project manager: UNDP Contractor: DEMAIN architecture et paysage – […]
11 November 2021

Fass school and teachers’ residence

Fass school and teachers’ residence Fass, Senegal / Africa 2019 © Sofia Verzbolovskis Finalist TERRAFIBRA Award Category: Public education/sports facilities Material(s): Rammed earth, Bamboo and Reed […]